Friday, September 12, 2008


NBC has picked Katee Stackhoff (Starbuck on BSG) to star in their next crime drama, "Lost and Found" (presumably planned for midseason).

It looks like the BBC is planning to make a movie version of Doctor Who. The talks for renewing David Tennant's contract may actually require it.

Happy birthday to the microchip. The first integrated circuit was demonstrated to Texas Instruments on this day 50 years ago.

Some rare good news for people who like freedom and privacy: a federal court has ruled that the 4th amendment requires the government to get a warrant before accessing cell phone stored GPS location records.

Amazon is going to start selling wine online.

A former NASA scientist has beamed solar power from one Hawaiian island to another in preliminary experiments he hopes will lead to satellite-based collectors beaming power down to Earth. Discovery Channel paid for the experiment and will broadcast their special tonight.

DVR for tonight:
Monk (USA)
Psych (USA)
Stargate Atlantis (SCIFI)
--for Saturday:
Primeval (BBCA)
--for Sunday:
True Blood (HBO)

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