Thursday, November 8, 2007


BBC America has scheduled 2nd season of Life on Mars to start December 11th.

Japan's orbiting Moon probe has sent back HDTV video and it has been posted as an online movie here.

China's Moon probe has just reached orbit.

A European probe studying Mars has found that an odd terrain near the equator (invisible to standard radar scans) is 1.5 miles deep. It is most likely ash or dust (although ice is remotely possible), but they still don't know why it hasn't compacted as expected.

Brad Bird (writer-director of Iron Giant, Incredibles & Ratatouille) is working on a live-action film called 1906 (rumored to be about the SF quake).

DVRs for tonight:
8pm My Name is Earl
9pm CSI & Grey's Anatomy & Supernatural
930 Scrubs
10pm Big Shots & Without a Trace (crossover with CSI)

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