Wednesday, November 7, 2007


FOX is completely shuffling their lineup. Bones and House are moving, and they've set dates for their midseason shows. (You're out of luck if you like 24: they're holding it until after the strike when all episodes are complete.) Everything is subject to change of course.

Didn't think to check Google Maps before a trip and pull into a gas station for directions? Soon you'll be able to check Google right from the pump! New pumps available across the US starting next month will have directions for popular local destinations and an option to print.

Initial signs show that the strike might be successful. More producer-writers and actor-writers are joining the picket lines than the studios expected. The other unions are being more supportive of the writers than was anticipated. Lets hope this means a swift end, not a continuation until spring when the actors and directors contracts end too.

The LA Times has made a grid which lists how the strike will affect individual shows. Included in the article that led me to this but not the grid: Chuck will be able to complete its 13 episode order, and Heroes may stop at episode 11.

Redwood City has a new Southeast Asian restaurant. Sounds good. We should try it.

DVRs for tonight:
9pm Bionic Woman
10pm CSI:NY & Life

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