Monday, November 5, 2007


It's official: the Writers are on strike. For scripted series, there are probably enough already filmed to last us a month or two, but expect repeats immediately for Daily Show and Colbert Report.

Astronauts successfully fixed the torn solar wing on the space station.

Ultra-capacitors are getting better at storing power and may start replacing batteries as well as working with them for better efficiency in recharging.

DARPA's robot race of cars without drivers going 10 miles through an urban setting is complete. Stanford's team came in 2nd (Carnegie Mellon was 1st).

Enrico Colantoni from Veronica Mars will be guest starring on Numb3rs in December (already in production so not affected by the strike).

The BBC is playing a 3-part Visions of the Future documentary this week. It sounds fascinating, but no word when we'll get to see it in the US.

There are plans for stackable electric cars (like airport luggage carts) to be available for rent for city driving where mass transit doesn't go. There are some MIT concept pictures and an article about them at CNet today.

Google has unveiled their response to the iPhone.

Several companies have plans to use the ocean to reduce carbon dioxide. New efforts are underway to create a code of ethics that will require permits and environmental impact studies prior to implementation.

DVRs for tonight:
8pm Chuck & How I Met Your Mother
830 Big Bang Theory
9pm Heroes & 2.5 Men

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