Friday, November 2, 2007


Strike fallout has begun: They are filming an alternate ending for the Heroes episode scheduled to air on December 3rd in case it ends up being the season finale.

Researchers have found a way to make the catalysts for fuel cell batteries more efficient and cheaper - a critical step towards electric cars.

The meteor may not have been what killed the dinosaurs. New research is causing questions about the dating, and evidence is that volcanic gas may have played a role.

Mozilla and Microsoft are arguing about the future of Javascript. Be prepared for pages working differently in the 2 browsers.

A new magnet design could radically change nanoscience and semiconductor research.

JK Rowling has written a new book, but you can't buy it. She has made 7 handwritten copies of the fairy tale book mentioned in Deathly Hallows. One will be auctioned for charity, and she is giving the others away.

DVRs for tonight:
6pm Flash Gordon - some day I'm going to have to watch this
7pm Stargate Atlantis
8pm Blood Ties, Ghost Whisperer & Men in Trees
9pm Moonlight & Womens Murder Club
10pm Numb3rs


bill said...

There was a story about a tech who gets caught in a half assembled hydroelectric generator equipped with superconductive magnets when the power is accidentally applied to the coils. He gets completely flipped, right to left and visa versa, even down to the molecular level. He lives, but the consequences are dire.

bill said...

Here's a link to the story previously mentioned.

Technical Error by A. C. Clark