Thursday, October 22, 2009


TV News:
* Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) will be replacing Maura Tierney on Parenthood. Sources: Zap2It, Ausiello Files (includes interview)
* Doctor Who is not just replacing the showrunner and The Doctor, they are also changing the logo and the design of the Tardis. Sources: SciFi Wire and Zap2It (logo), io9 (Tardis)
* FlashForward no longer has 2 show runners. Marc Guggenheim, who joined the show at ABC's insistance, is leaving. Co-creator David Goyer will now be the sole show runner. Sources: SciFi Wire, Zap2It
* Katee Sackhoff will be guest starring in Big Bang Theory in November. Sources: Zap2It, SciFi Wire
* Glee will be coming to DVD in December (with 13 episodes, the other 9 presumably coming later). Sources: Zap2It, Futon Critic
* Madonna is apparently a fan of Glee. She has given the show rights to her catalog. Source: Zap2It
* Nathan Fillion is going to appear as in his Browncoat outfit again (as a Halloween costume on Castle). Sources: io9, SciFi Wire

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