Monday, November 2, 2009


TV/Movie News:
* The Terminator franchise is for sale, and Joss Whedon has made an (extremely amusing) offer to buy it. Sources: i09, SciFi Wire
* December 19th has been announced as the US airdate for the next Doctor Who special, The Waters of Mars. The final 2 David Tennant specials will air "over the holidays" with dates to be announced in December. Source: SciFi Wire, Futon Critic
* John Rhys Davies will not be appearing in The Hobbit. He doesn't want to put back on the dwarf makeup he is allergic to. Source: SciFi Wire
* Defying Gravity will come out on dvd on January 19th, so we'll finally be able to see the rest of the episodes.
* Cougar Town will have a couple familiar guest stars soon: Lisa Kudrow and Scott Foley. Sources: Zap2It & Ausiello Files
* Castle was picked up for a full 2nd season. Source: Zap2It

DVR settings for the week:
Mon 6pm Greek
Mon 8pm Heroes & How I Met Your Mother
Mon 930 Big Bang Theory
Mon 10p Castle
Tue 8pm V (ABC - premiere)
Tue 9pm Universe: Science Fiction, Science Fact (HIST)
Wed 930 Cougar Town
Wed 10p CSI:NY
Thu 8pm Bones & FlashForward
Thu 9pm CSI, Fringe & Supernatural
Fri 6/9pm Stargate: Universe & Monk
Fri 7/10p Sanctuary & White Collar
Fri 8pm Ghost Whisperer
Fri 9pm Medium
Fri 10p Numb3rs
Sat & Sun = nothing

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