Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Continuing to catch up on stories from the past month.

* Barnes & Noble has released an ebook reader called Nook. It has some distinct advantages over some of the previous ones (at least to me). Features: AT&T 3G and WiFi support, any ebook is free while you are in B&N, you can lend a book to a friend for 14 days, it supports PDF and the open ePub formats (which includes Fictionwise multi-format books), you can sync with an iPhone or PC with eReader software, and it can hold 2GB with a card reader to add more. Sources: CNet Crave, CNet News, Wired Epicenter, Wired Gadget Lab, Slashdot, SF Signal, SF Gate
* Google is launching Google Editions, which will sell ebooks that can be read by anything with a web browser. Books will come from the Google Books project, as approved by copyright holders. Sources: Wired, Google, Locus, CNet
* CNet has an article on the Internet Archive's BookServer project.
* HP and Amazon are teaming to produce Print on Demand paperbacks of ebooks.
* Wireless charging of devices may be coming as soon as next year.

* The GigaGalaxy Zoom Project has produced a 360 degree zoomable image of the night sky. Source: Slashdot (with links to more)
* Hubble image of a galactic merger in the constellation of Cancer. Source:
* The European Southern Observatory in Chile captured a great image of Barnard's galaxy. Sources:, io9
* NASA's Swift satellite has some amazing images of the Andromeda galaxy. Source: SciFi Wire
* 32 new exoplanets have been discovered.
* A reusable rocket flew a test flight out of New Mexico's Spaceport America. Source: Spaceflight, Technology

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