Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Still more catch up from the month when I didn't post. This will probably continue all week while I migrate to a new newsreader.

Health & Science news:
* Researchers have found a genetic link to patients who can recover from Hepatitis C without treatment. Along similar lines, a genetic link was also found for patients who respond better to Diabetes treatment. Hopefully this will help them develop treatments that works for the rest.
* Researchers are working on an injectable stem cell paste for bone repairs.
* Nanomedicine: A microchip has been developed that can detect and identify early-stage cancer. Another article on the same lines from Stanford researchers, and a Computerworld article on the Stanford research.
* Fat cells harvested by liposuction are apparently easier to change into stem cells than other cells (such as skin).

* A huge collection of Anglo-Saxon treasure has been found, giving some insights to the Dark Ages. Sources: BBC Photogallery, BBC Article
* A 5,000 year old underwater town off the coast of Greece is being explored by an international team. Source: BBC
* A primate fossil has been found that pre-dates Lucy. Sources: Slashdot(with links to others), Wired
* A mini Roman Coliseum has been found by archeologists. Source: CNN
* For something a little more recent, Life Magazine has put their complete archive online for free viewing in the original layout.

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