Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Warner Brothers has announced they are developing an ElfQuest movie!!!!! Rawson Thurber will write, direct & produce. They haven't announced a format (live action or animation) yet. I have loved this story since I first read it about 27 years ago, so I'm thrilled the movie they've been talking about for years looks like it may finally happen. I just hope it ends up being a good adaptation. Links for coverage: Letter from Wendy Pini, Hollywood Reporter, Reuters, Empire, CanMag, CinemaBlend, IGN, Cinematical, and forum announcement.

MGM has given a greenlight to "A Cabin in the Woods", a movie co-written by Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard.

NBC has revealed their coverage plan for the Olympics. 75% of events will be televised live for the east coast.

NASA plans to retire the shuttles in 2010, even though the replacement spacecrafts won't be ready for 4 more years.

City of Pearl by Karen Traviss is available from Eos as a free ebook until the end of August. This is the start of a good series, so check it out if you haven't already. (Thanks to SF Signal for the info.)

The Campbell Memorial Award (In War Times by Kathleen Goonan) and Sturgeon Award winners (Finistera by David R. Moles and Tideline by Elizabeth Bear) have been announced. I think Finistera is overrated, but Tideline was excellent.

Apparently, Locus changed the way votes are counted for the Locus Awards after the ballots were cast. (They counted subscriber votes twice.) A lot of people are upset by this since it changed some of the winners.

Andre Norton's will has been challenged, leaving unpublished works on hold pending a resolution. has a nice slideshow of Mars landscapes.

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