Tuesday, July 15, 2008


JMS has said that he has no interest in continuing B5: The Lost Tales. He doesn't want to revisit B5 in a low-budget version again. A full-budget feature film would be the only way we'd see more B5.

William Peterson will be leaving CSI after the 10th episode this season (and not just temporarily).

Sue Stewart has responded to the AP article about the lawsuit over Andre Norton's estate.

Last week, Buzz Aldrin blamed scifi for the lack of interest young people have in real-life space exploration. This week, io9 lists stories it thinks hinder and inspire real science. I think both theories are seriously flawed though, because I think science is just as interesting without the special effects, and cautionary tales aren't intended to make you ignore scientific discovery, just consider possible ramifications of discoveries.

Scifi wire has an article with JJ Abrams talking about how they came up with the idea for Fringe, and how it is not an X-Files clone.

Remember, if you can get through the traffic to the jammed server, Dr. Horrible part 1 was released online today.

There is nothing scheduled for the DVR tonight.

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