Sunday, November 22, 2009


Tech News:
* has an interesting top 10 list (until the end where it becomes just a joke) about the things mobile phones have made or will make obsolete.

TV News:
* Doctor Who "The End of Time, part 1" will air on BBC America on Dec. 26th (only 1 day after the UK gets to see it). Zap2It and SciFi Wire have sneak peeks. io9 also adds a "What is Doctor Who" video.
* Chuck will return on January 10th. Sources: Ausiello Files, Futon Critic, Zap2It, and What's Alan Watching (which includes interview with the show runner).
* Stunt casting might actually get me to watch an episode of The Simpsons. Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) will be playing Edward Cullen (Twilight) in their Halloween episode next year.
* A full cut of the previously lost Star Trek pilot has been found.

DVR timers for the week:
Mon 8pm Heroes & House & How I Met Your Mother
Mon 930 Big Bang Theory
Mon 10p Castle
Tue 8pm V
Wed 9pm Glee
Wed 930 Cougar Town
Wed 10p CSI:NY
Fri 6/9pm Monk
Fri 7/10pm White Collar

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