Monday, August 10, 2009

8-10-09 catch up post

Sorry to go so long without posting. A lot of stuff has happened, I've just been too busy to comment. I'll try to catch some highlights here.

Tonight will be the densest part of the Perseids Meteor shower. Look to the northeast. More info at NASA,, or at SF Gate. For the stargazers who have telescopes, this is also the first equinox for Saturn since 1994, so it is a good time to see details from the rings. Expect to see great Cassini pictures in the next few days. CNet already has a few in this photogallery. More at BBC , Slashdot, or

RIP John Hughes. The director of the teen angst films that defined my generation died of a heart attack last Thursday at 59. Sources: Mercury News, BBC, Variety

True Blood has been renewed for a 3rd season. Sources: Ausiello Files,, Futon Critic

MSNBC has an article about how cats train us to take care of them. We already knew that though.

The Sony e-book reader is coming out with a new version and dropping in price. Sources: NY Times, SF Gate, HotHardware (via Slashdot). SF Gate also has an article on the state of the market now.

Victoria will be played by a different actress (Bryce Dallas Howard) in Eclipse (the 3rd Twilight movie).

For those of us not in New York, I hope the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame anniversary concerts get televised. What an amazing lineup.

Spike TV will rebroadcast the miniseries "Meteor" and "The Storm" from NBC at the end of August. Since I was a bit curious about Meteor, but completely forgot to watch it, I'm getting another chance to try.

Suvudu has an amusing pie chart view of the difference between classic and modern SF.

Jim Baen's Universe is closing. Sources: SF Signal, Locus,

Worldcon is now over. Unfortunately, I was not able to attend. Some reports:
* Hugo Awards were announced. Graveyard Book won Best Novel. Sources: SF Signal, Locus,
* Chelsea Awards were announced.
* It is official. The 2011 Worldcon will be in Reno, which is a much more affordable trip for me.
* San Antonio is bidding for 2013.
* Updates were made throughout the convention to Explore the site for blogs, pictures, tweets, and other random reporting methods.

Comic Con is now over. Some of the announcements:
* Charlaine Harris will write 3 more Sookie Stackhouse books.
* io9 teases about the possibility of a future for Torchwood.

The Television Critics Press Tour highlights:
* Gabrielle Union and Dominic Monaghan are joining the cast of FlashForward. Press Tour commentary here.
* James Earl Jones will guest star in House next year.
* Fox news (they promise no more network notes for Dollhouse) at
* The V remake will premiere November 3rd. They do plan to pay homage to the original.
* SyFy greenlit a new superhero show called Alphas.
* Eastwick will film in the same town as Gilmore Girls (but I still don't want to watch it).
* Virginia Madsen will guest star in 3 episodes of Monk this season.

Health & Science news:
* New HIV test approach doesn't require refrigeration, so should be more accessible for use in developing countries.
* The NIH is encouraging their scientists to make Wiki health information more accurate.
* One more reason to avoid processed food: studies show MSG causes weight gain.
* National Post has an article on the advantages of using cord blood for stem cells.

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