Sunday, August 23, 2009

8-11 to 8-23-09 catch up

USAA, and soon other banks, will allow you to deposit checks using an iPhone camera. Sources: SF Gate, CNet, & NY Times (needs reg)

Researchers have made artificial bones out of wood. Sounds strange, but apparently it allows for faster healing since it more closely resembles the physical structure of the bone.

RIP Les Paul. The guitar legend died at 94. Sources: BBC, CNN, NY Times, Zap2It, Google

James Marsters will be a villain on at least 3 episodes of Caprica. Sources: Zap2It, SciFi Wire

Leverage will have 2 extra episodes this season.

Warehouse 13 has been renewed for a 2nd season. Sources: Zap2It, SciFi Wire

Lots of movies are being remade that make no sense to me. Examples: Yellow Submarine and Harvey.

DVRs for the week:
Mon - The Closer (season finale - I am so far behind)
Tue - Warehouse 13
Wed - Leverage
Thu - Royal Pains
Fri - Eureka, Monk, Psych
Sat - Being Human
Sun - True Blood, Defying Gravity

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