Wednesday, July 22, 2009


RIP Harve Presnell. The actor/singer died of cancer at 75. I remember his great singing voice in the 2 movies he made as a young man (he was mostly on the stage) and being glad when he made a comeback as a character actor in 1996.

The Middleman will be released on dvd next week, and has video clips from it. If you never saw this show, check out what you were missing.

They've started to rebuild Hobbiton (follow link for pics) in preparation for filming The Hobbit, even though they haven't finalized the script yet. There were extensive rumors (prompted by comments from Guillermo del Toro) that the casting of Bilbo was down to 4 finalists (speculated as including David Tennant, Daniel Radcliffe, and James McAvoy) with a choice to be announced at Comic Con this weekend, but Peter Jackson has denied the timing of the announcement.

SyFy has announced premiere dates for Stargate: Universe (October 2nd) and Sanctuary (October 9th).

It appears that something hit Jupiter and left a scar. Sources:, SF Gate, and (care of Slashdot) Bad Astronomy blog and the blog of an Australian astronomer (this one has the best pictures).

Amazon is acquiring Zappos.

Yesterday there was a full solar eclipse in Asia. The AP has some good pictures. has new pictures of the Eagle Nebula. Also, the comments thread led me to this high resolution expanded version of the main picture.

Israel News (care of Slashdot) is reporting that scientists have found a cure for radiation sickness. Now if only this was a more reputable source...

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