Thursday, July 9, 2009


Amazon has launched a trade-in area for DVDs. Send them movies & TV shows on DVD for store credit. It looks easier than trying to sell them myself.

Tim Minear will be working on a new version of Alien Nation for SyFy. Good news: it isn't Fox (where every show he's worked on has been killed early). Bad news: it's a reboot of a story I didn't think needed a reboot when I'd rather see what original stuff he could do.

Pandora has managed to make an agreement as to royalty payments for streaming music. The result: it will no longer be free for 10% of users (those who listen to >40 hours per month). More comments on the issue at Techdirt.

David Tennant will appear in 2 episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures next season.

Fox is pushing back the premiere of Dollhouse season 2 one week to make room for an encore of a Glee episode. Not an auspicious beginning. Also Dollhouse related, tvshowsondvd has a video of Joss Whedon inviting people to his Comic Con panel on Dollhouse and showing a clip of the unaired episode he'll show there.

The Paperback Writer blog lists lots of places for finding free ebooks.

Health news:
* New stem cell research guidelines will finally allow new lines from discarded IVF embryos.
* Nano cells targeting cancer cells for chemotherapy and leaving other cells alone.

Scientists now how turtles evolved to develop their shells. has:
* a video with Apollo astronauts reflecting on the meaning of Apollo and what might be next for the moon.
* first photos from the Herschel telescope.
* news on a contest from Guiness that will give someone a trip to space.

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