Monday, March 9, 2009


Castle premieres tonight. I really like Nathan Fillion, but haven't decided if I'm going to watch or not. To decide for yourself, see reviews at Zap2It,, and SF Gate.

Orson Scott Card is going to write a young adult fantasy steampunk series.

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DVRs for the week:
Mon 6pm Kyle XY
Mon 8pm Chuck, Big Bang Theory & House
Mon 830 How I Met Your Mother
Mon 9pm Heroes & 2.5 Men
Mon 10pm Medium & possibly the Castle premiere (ABC)
Tues 8pm Reaper
Wed 10pm CSI: NY & Life on Mars
Thu 8pm Bones
Thu 9pm CSI & Supernatural
Thu 10pm Eleventh Hour & Private Practice
Fri 7pm Battlestar Galactica
Fri 8pm Ghost Whisperer & Sarah Connor Chron
Fri 9pm Dollhouse
Fri 10pm Numb3rs
Sat SYN Legend of the Seeker
Sat 6pm Ashes to Ashes

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