Wednesday, August 27, 2008


SciFi Wire has an interview with the writers of Fringe about how they came up with the show.

SciFi Wire also has a look at the Sookie Stackhouse TV show True Blood and why they think it will be good.

i09 has and interview and gallery of Bob Eggleton's amazing artwork.

To promote the new season of Pushing Daisies, ABC is bringing free pie to 10 cities - including SF.

CNet has a slideshow look at IE8. Some of the new features actually look pretty good (but I'll stick with Firefox).

Anticipation (next year's Worldcon) has announced they will have a special Hugo award for Best Graphic Story. And, while you're thinking of Graphic Novels, the Washington Post has an article on their history. (Although they lose points for not mentioning ElfQuest.)

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