Monday, August 25, 2008


The US version of Eleventh Hour is switching their pilot episode. I actually think this is a good decision this time, since it sounds like they are going for an original script instead of an adaptation of one of the weakest scripts from the UK version.

Modern Rosetta Stones (containing 8 languages and 13,500 pages of text) meant to be readable for 2,000-10,000 years have been created and distributed.

MSNBC has an article about an exoskeleton in clinical trials in Israel which allows paraplegics to walk.

In honor of Ray Bradbury's 88th birthday last Friday, SF Signal had a funny vintage TV commercial in which he makes an appearance.

Cute Overload today has some great pictures today showing that some people have way too much fun playing with food presentation.

John Scalzi has released a deleted chapter from The Last Colony (some parts were changed and put in other parts of The Last Colony and some moved into Zoe's Tale, so not all of it was deleted) as part of Subterranean's Summer magazine.

DVR for tonight:
The Closer
The Middleman
Daily Show

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