Monday, August 18, 2008


Researchers have found an early warning sign for heart disease in the eyes. People with eye damage known as retinopathy are apparently showing the first stages of heart disease.

60 baby sea turtles got confused and walked into an Italian restaurant. A conservation group got them back into the ocean.

After returning from our national park tour, I found 2 articles about the parks we visited: An arch fell in Arches (apparently the day we went), and rain forced evacuations in the Grand Canyon (considering the rain and hail on the day we visited, I'm not surprised).

Joseph Mallozzi (Stargate producer) has a Q&A with Lois McMaster Bujold on his blog.

Since I ended up missing the Denvention panel 20 Essential SF Novels of the Past 20 Years, I was interested to see that Cheryl Morgan lists the books mentioned during the panel and Niall Harrison provides comments. (Thanks to SF Signal for the links.)

i09 has coverage of a side trip to NORAD that 20 SF authors & editors took during Worldcon.

Neil Gaiman
will be in Palo Alto on October 4th, and SF on the 5th.

A huge comet (without a tail since it hasn't come close enough to the sun) has been discovered inside the orbit of Neptune.

CBS is now confirming that Laurence Fishburne will be replacing William Peterson on CSI in the 9th episode of the season.

A large solar power plant is being planned for California.

DVRs for tonight:
The Closer
The Middleman

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