Friday, May 9, 2008

5-9-08 Couch Potato Corner

Sorry if this post is a bit long. I'm going to be trying to catch up with a week of news.

Private Practice will be changing showrunners. Marti Noxon is leaving for "other projects" and Jon Cowan and Robert Rovner (most recently from Bionic Woman) will be taking over. I hope it manages to keep the charm it had under Marti Noxon.

SciFi has announced casting for the Battlestar Galactica prequel Caprica and the 2-hour pilot Warehouse 13. Esai Morales (most recently from Jericho) will play Joseph Adama in Caprica, father of Admiral William Adama from BSG. Paula Malcomson will play the female lead on Caprica. Eddie McClintock and Joanne Kelly will star in Warehouse 13.

Although the US version of Life on Mars is likely to show up on the ABC lineup this fall, it may do it without David E. Kelley. After pushing the show for 2 years, he is considering dropping out (although he would still have some participation since he personally owns the rights).

Bruce Boxleitner will be joining Heroes next season as a recurring character.

Men in Trees has been canceled. This was not entirely unexpected by the producers, so they shot an alternate ending for the final episode airing this summer.

Darth Mojo, a visual effects artist on Babylon 5 for the first 3 seasons, is sharing photos from his archives on his blog. This first post shows the construction of the central corridor.

Fox has finally released the final 2 episodes of Drive for downloading ad-free.

DVRs for tonight:
5pm Sarah Jane Adventures
6pm Doctor Who
7pm Battlestar Galactica
8pm Ghost Whisperer
9pm Moonlight
10pm Numb3rs

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