Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Xconomy shows the next generation OLPC laptop, which is more like a 2-screen e-book reader and should be available for $75 in 2 years.

Zap2It recommends Essential SciFi movies, most of which I agree with, even though they leave a lot out (be sure to read the comment thread for some of the most obvious overlooked films).

Rumors are that the SciFi Channel may be planning 3 sequel TV movies for Battlestar Galactica once it ends.

Steven Moffat has been officially named the new showrunner for Doctor Who.

Netflix has unveiled their box for downloaded rentals.

DVRs for the next few days (since I may not be online):
Tues 9pm Reaper
Weds 10pm CSI:NY
Thurs 9pm Grey's Anatomy

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