Thursday, May 29, 2008


Not too long ago, I mentioned that Neil Gaiman and JK Rowling were among 13 authors writing short stories on postcards that would be auctioned for charity and then displayed on the Waterstones website and published in book form. Today it was revealed that JK Rowling's story is a Harry Potter prequel. You will be able to read the stories online on June 11th.

If you wanted to check out Shadow Unit by Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear and others, but didn't because the season wasn't complete, then your wait is now over. The season finale is a serialized novel that is being released in sections between now and Saturday. (Source: SF Signal)

Amazon is going to launch a streaming video program in the next few weeks to complement their Unbox program to download rental videos.

DVR for tonight:
9pm Lost (2-hour season finale)

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