Thursday, May 7, 2009

5-7-9 has some great pictures today:
* New Saturn images from Cassini - Link to article or link to gallery
* Favorite Hubble images of the crew going to repair it.

The Onion has a mocking video about Star Trek (which I haven't seen yet, since I can't watch videos on this computer, but have heard is funny).

i09 has the Top 10 Rules of Space Opera, which seem a bit confused but humorous.


bill said...

For what it's worth. The Cassini imaging group's website has both Saturn images and Star Trek stuff. The head of the ciclops group was the science consultant on the new Star Trek movie and if you look at the Cassini website, you may get an extra charge from the movie.

bill said...

Yep, the Onion video was hysterical.