Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Fall TV schedules

NBC has announced their fall and midseason schedules (not just the shows but the timeslots). Pending more info on the new shows, it looks like I will be watching 1 hour per week - Monday at 8pm will be Heroes in the fall and Chuck at midseason. Contrary to an earlier report, NBC has dropped Medium. CBS picked it up though. Sources: Futon Critic schedule, Ausiello report on Medium & My Name is Earl

More info on the Chuck renewal and Subway's part in it at: Futon Critic announcement, EW Interview with producer, What's Alan Watching interview with producer

ABC announced their fall schedule and midseason shows too. They have the most new shows of any network, so the midseason schedule (where most of the shows I watch will be) is going to be determined by what works and what fails. Some of their new shows look promising though. Sources: Futon Critic schedule, analysis, Futon Critic trailers for new shows

CBS announced their fall schedule (they don't have a separate midseason schedule). Major changes: Big Bang Theory moving to 9:30 on Monday and Medium will now be on CBS Fridays at 9pm (between Ghost Whisperer and Numbers). They don't have many new shows, but they have good casts. I'm sure more info will be available soon to help determine if they are watchable. Sources: Futon Critic,, Futon Critic trailers for new shows

And, continuing on a theme, Fox announced their fall and midseason schedules. Considering their obsession with clustering shows in timeslots that were already busy, I may watch most of their programming on Hulu. Sources: Futon Critic schedule, Futon Critic trailers for new shows, analysis

5/21 Update:
CW fall schedule has now been announced. Reaper is gone (although apparently it might continue in syndication). The only new show even remotely tempting is Vampire Diaries, but I think it is going to be too soapy for me (it is trying way too hard to get the Twilight audience). Supernatural (the only show on their schedule I actually care about) is staying in the same horrid timeslot. Sources: Futon Critic schedule,, pictures for new shows,

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