Thursday, June 28, 2007

Roundup for 6-28-07

Remember that horrifying reading survey I talked about? The survey asked respondents if, during the previous twelve months, they had read or listened to any novels, short stories, plays, or poetry in their leisure time (not for work or school).
They came up with 4 categories:
"light" readers (1-5 books during the year) = 21%
"moderate" readers (6-11 books per year) = 9%
"frequent" readers (12-49 books per year) = 12%
"avid" readers (50 or more books per year) = 4%
That makes 54% that don't read even 1 book per year. I know I'm in the "avid" category, but I have trouble even comprehending that.
If you want to see more of the details, it can be found here:

Ryan Gosling has been cast opposite Rachel Weisz in The Lovely Bones. (He's been getting a lot of attention lately for things like The Notebook, but I actually liked him years ago in Young Hercules.),0,4838818.story?track=rss

Jason Dohring (Logan on Veronica Mars) has been cast as an ancient, mischievous vampire on Moonlight (starting this fall on CBS). This show looks like it is changing a lot since David Greenwalt (Angel) took over.,0,1462947.story?track=rss

USA is picking up a new show with Roswell actress Shiri Appleby about a woman who decides to track down the father she never knew to get her life in order, then finds out he's an assassin and it might be the career for her.

Billy Campbell begged the network president for SCIFI and USA for help getting a part on Battlestar Galactica before the show ends. He even said he would work for free. They're going to try to fit him in.

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